Analysis and design of IT plan solutions

Having a vision and a good idea is not enough. For successful implementation, it is necessary to define the project boundaries and prepare a specific implementation plan. Successful implementation means the completion of all parts of the project in accordance with the submitted schedule and within the set budget.
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
What we offer

Professional analysis and design of the solution of your plan will ensure smooth project implementation. We will help you uncover all the hidden connections, think out the ideas thoroughly and specify them on a technical level. Unclear assignments and changes during implementation resulting from the absence of initial analysis often negatively affect the final project output, time schedule or budget.

You know what you want

  • We want a new website/e‑shop
  • We need to connect the e‑shop to an ERP system (warehouse, accounting system, data warehouse, CRM system)
  • We want to streamline and automate information processes in the company

We analyse and propose solutions

  • We analyse the current state of your systems and data
  • We design their efficient interconnection, ways of effective synchronization and data workflow
  • We specify the specific technical solution of individual functionalities
  • specific project implementation plan
  • draft budget and project schedule
Don’t underestimate the preparation of project specifications
I want a website analysis
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