Connecting your e-shop to the ALZA, MALL and AMAZON marketplaces

Reach tens of thousands of potential customers easily in one place. Making online marketplaces available to partner sellers is a trend that pays off for e-shops. Make money in a few minutes by selling on online marketplaces in the Czech Republic and abroad.
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Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
Description of the solution

Attractive and fast sales channel

Every e‑shop tries to take a bite of the imaginary pie of potential customers. In order for an e‑shop to be seen, it has to work on many things – SEO, PPC, content, UX, logistics, etc. All that costs time and money, not to mention that not everyone is lucky in choosing the right professionals.

Many e‑shops therefore ask a logical question: What is the return on my investment and how do I stand up to the growing number of competitors that are fighting for the same customers? Drop shipping and the associated sales on online marketplaces represent a new, easy and fast sales channel for many e‑shops.

The world’s largest online shops, such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay, have been allowing their cooperating companies for several years to sell goods through their online marketplaces. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this process in the Czech Republic as well. At present, partner sales are possible at, and Other players are preparing to enter this segment.

An interesting marketplace for international sales is Amazon. In particular is an interesting major e‑shop in the neighbouring German-speaking markets. The opening of the Polish is being prepared, which will provide Czech e‑shops with an easy way to another important neighbouring market.

Drop shipping is a business model in which a retailer offers goods of its wholesale supplier or direct manufacturer. The retailer does not physically buy the goods it offers to be kept in stock, but transfers orders to its supplier/manufacturer to deliver them directly to the customer.

How to begin?

It’s really easy! Choose an online marketplace you want to start working with and fill in their contact form. Registration will take you 5–10 minutes.

A representative of the online marketplace will contact you within 24 hours and will agree with you on the assortment and terms of cooperation. You will then sign a contract and contact us regarding data connection .

Connecting your e‑shop to an online marketplace

Based on long-term cooperation with and we have created an API that automatically and in real time mediates the exchange of data between your e‑shop and the online marketplace. The API connection is suitable for a large amount of information transmitted in a very short time. You will especially appreciate this connection method for process automation, reliability and speed. It will save you a lot of time and work. We will ensure implementation in your e‑shop, including all technical details and communication.

Immediately after connection, your products will start appearing in the online marketplace’s product portfolio.

Who provides what

  • Displays products in its offer
  • Sets selling prices
  • Presents and promotes products
  • Invoices goods to the client
  • Provides the possibility of using its transport
  • 24/7 customer service
Your e‑shop
  • Provides products from its offer (based on automatic export)
  • Processes orders in the standard way
  • Packs and ships goods
  • Accepts payment for goods from the seller
  • Resolves complaints

Why choose us as a partner for an e‑shop with data connection?

  • experience – we have completed relevant projects with connection to ALZA Dropshipment, MALL Marketplaces, Heureka, etc
  • immediate sale – your products will start appearing in the online marketplace’s product portfolio immediately after connection
  • simplicity – direct and automatic connection of products and orders to the e‑shop and your accounting system without the need for other systems
  • no monthly fees – you only pay for the initial API connection (return on investment about 1 year compared to the monthly fees of other services)
  • availability of transport provided by the marketplace (e.g. ALZA transport, MALL transport)
  • availability of a wide network of collection points provided by the online marketplaces (ALZA boxes, MALL boxes)
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Meet our satisfied customers
Obrázek napojení na MALL Marketplace
Respected seller of ice hockey equipment and manufacturer of world-famous ice hockey plexiglass. E‑shop with a B2C and B2B section for wholesale partners, including a product configurator.
Results of the first month after connection to the MALL Marketplace
After the planned launch of the e‑shop, it was connected to the MALL Marketplace, which was immediately reflected in an increase in monthly sales by tens of per cent.
Immediate monthly increase
in orders +23%
Immediate monthly increase
sales growth +17%
25% of the product portfolio appears regularly in Mall campaigns
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