We have launched
an e‑shop full of ice hockey

New e‑shop and website solution with the aim of becoming the market leader in the online sale of ice hockey equipment.
B2B a B2C e‑shop Hejduksport.cz
B2B a B2C e‑shop Hejduksport.cz
Case study
What results we have achieved
The e‑shop was launched in accordance with the agreed time schedule at the beginning of July 2020. The statistics are based on a year-on-year comparison with the old e‑shop.
Load speed
38% better
speed index 2,5s
first contentful paint 1,2s
Year-on-year increase in sales
of which mobile sales +118%
Year-on-year increase in conversions
of which mobile conversions +66%

About the client

HEJDUK SPORT is one of the long-respected sellers of ice hockey equipment in the B2B and B2C segments. It sells renowned ice hockey brands such as CCM, Bauer, True and others. They exclusively import equipment and gear from the Canadian brands Winnwell or Sher-Wood, Brian’s goalie equipment, GRIT hockey bags and others to the Czech Republic. It is a manufacturer of ice hockey plexiglasses which are number one on the European and world market. They are popular in the highest European ice hockey competitions and in national teams, which choose these plexiglasses for their unique optical properties, design and affordability. The Hejduk plexiglass is exported all over the world, in addition to European countries also to Russia, UK and many Asian countries. Since 2013, it has also been produced for the US market.

Project goals

  • to design and create a new modern e‑shop an e‑shop for B2B and B2C customers
  • to increase the share of visits from mobile browsers
  • to connect the e‑shop to the Pohoda accounting system and dozens of B2B partner feeds
  • to maintain SEO positions and use the creation of a new e‑shop to improve them
  • to optimize campaigns and increase their performance in online marketing

Target groups

B2C customers – professional players, youth, juniors, amateur players

B2B partners - e‑shops with sports equipment, bricks-and-mortar shops with sports equipment

Description of the solution
Technological solution

Work began in the autumn of 2019 e‑shop with the end of June 2020 being scheduled to launch the e‑shop. an e‑shop was built on modern technologies, enabling, for example, first contentful paint in 1.5 seconds. Emphasis was placed on using the latest optimization techniques, detecting the customer’s critical path and ensuring the fastest possible journey through the e‑shop in order to complete the order.

Detail produktu e‑shopu Hejduksport.cz
Výpis produktů na e‑shopu Hejduksport.cz
Emphasis on high-quality UX solutions

We also changed the purchase process, which is now divided into only 3 steps. The benefit for customers is that they can constantly see their price, transport and payment in the panel on the right. Logged-in users have the option of a quick order with only one click.

Integration with the accounting system

The e‑shop features e‑shop an integrated synchronization with the Pohoda accounting system, which allows incremental transmission of changes in both directions in real time during live operation.

Simplification of sale for B2B customers

Another big challenge was the simplification of sale for wholesale customers. The solution of the B2B section takes into account different approaches to purchasing. Using the product detail, it is possible to buy hundreds of product variants from a clearly arranged table by simply entering the number of pieces. It is also possible to add products to the cart from the list of variants without having to open the product detail. Purchases can also be made by using full-text search or in bulk using the product code in the cart. Of course, there is an advanced option of filtering products tailored directly to the needs of wholesale customers.

Hokejová brusle CCM
What the client says about the project
“This project means a significant step forward for us in the online environment. Creating a new e‑shop e‑shop in both web and mobile versions has a fundamental benefit for us. Accelerating it significantly increased conversions. What I also consider very successful is the new user environment for our B2B customers. This allows them to quickly and easily purchase a larger number of items. In this way, we have essentially met the expectations of our clients in the perception of our company as an experienced, dynamically developing and innovative business.”
Tomáš Langr
executive, HEJDUK SPORT s.r.o.
E‑shop design
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