We create professional tailor-made B2B and B2C e-shops

We are specialists in the creation of professional tailor-made B2B and B2C e-shops connected to the best-known business systems. We have 10 years of experience in creating sophisticated solutions for both Czech and foreign business partners.
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e‑shopů
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e‑shopů
Description of the solution

Do you want a B2B e‑shop you can rely on?

We understand the specifics of B2B solutions and we know what is important for clients. We have experience with connecting e‑shops to the best-known business systems such as Pohoda , Helios , Money ERP , Altec , JIRA , Byznys and others. We bring savings from process automation, such as automatic calculation of truck occupancy according to completed orders, etc. Work with a team of professionals who understand their work, meet deadlines and are able to look at things from the customer’s perspective.

POHODA - ekonomický a informační systém
Money ERP
HELIOS - podnikový informační systém
Podnikové informační systémy Altec
Jira Software - Issue & Project Tracking Software
Účetní program Byznys

We create tailor-made B2B e‑shops from configurable modules of our own CMS system. This means that our solution can compete with both the price and the possibility of modifications to meet your specific requirements. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in both B2B and B2C. We develop detailed documentation – if cooperation is terminated, we are able to pass the complete source codes to the client for its own administration.

Benefits of our solution

  • Development meeting the specific client needs where template solutions are not sufficient
  • A large number of B2B and B2C modules, which significantly reduces the cost of creating an e‑shop
  • A user interface meeting the specific needs of both the client and the target group of customers
  • A/B testing and analytical tools to monitor and improve the shopping behaviour of visitors
  • Qualitative testing of e‑shop usability using scenarios and videos as well as audio monitoring of the behaviour of a sample of your target group
  • For e‑shops with a large volume of sales, we offer professional server security and service with an SLA
  • We are a team of professionals with a 24/7 approach
  • We understand project management and we meet the agreed deadlines
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What makes B2B commerce different from B2C?

  • frequent and repeated large-quantity purchases, purchasing based on a product code
  • clear orientation in the product offer without unnecessary visual attractions
  • invoice-based purchases, exchange of a large number of documents – invoices, orders
  • individual or group prices after logging in to the e‑shop
  • sale of goods abroad, freight shipping
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Our references

Who do we help?

Meet our satisfied customers
Hájek Pet Food
Exclusive distributor of world brands of premium food for dogs and cats in the Czech Republic. HPF’s B2B e‑shop is used by shops, veterinary surgeries, kennels and government agencies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
Hájek Pet Food B2B e‑shop s krmivem pro psy a kočky
Společně s dmpagency.cz jsme po dobré zkušenosti rozšířili spolupráci na více projektů. Vždy se můžeme spolehnout na jejich profesionalitu.
Jakub Havlín
Hájek Pet Food s.r.o
B2B a B2C e‑shop s hokejovým vybavením Hejduksport.cz
Respected seller of ice hockey equipment and manufacturer of world-famous ice hockey plexiglass. E‑shop with a B2C and B2B section for wholesale partners, including a product configurator.
V dmpagency.cz nám pomohli vyřešit a optimalizovat složitý proces velkoobchodních objednávek, včetně přehledné administrace na míru potřebám našich velkoobchodních partnerů.
Tomáš Langr
executive HEJDUK SPORT s.r.o.
Farmet B2B e‑shop with spare parts
Farmet a.s. is a dynamically developing Czech company specialized in the production, sale and servicing of agricultural machinery for tillage and sowing, and oilseed processing technologies.
B2B e‑shop náhradních dílů Farmet a.s.
Se společností dmpagency spolupracujeme již od roku 2014. Pomohli nám vybudovat web a e‑shop na míru dle našich specifických potřeb, včetně přehledného prostředí na míru pro potřeby našich velkoobchodních partnerů v 17 zemích světa.
Tomáš Smola
agricultural Machinery Division Director, Farmet a.s.
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