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News release date: 21. 9. 2021
In today’s world, HW designers are constantly addressing the availability and cost of different types of CPUs. Design changes complicate the long-term sustainability of products. Idekit is a tool that facilitates transitions between hardware platforms. It enables their optimization and scaling, while maintaining a unified interface for both application programmers and users. Therefore, extending the product life cycle reduces overall costs and saves developers’ work, which is one of the most valuable commodities today.

Idekit saves programmers’ time

This opens up a unique opportunity for hardware manufacturers to benefit from many years of experience in development of software and development environments for PLCs and other embedded devices and to implement Idekit into their devices (such as wastewater treatment plants, photovoltaic power plant monitoring systems, compact air conditions units, etc.). Manufacturers can save money and eliminate risks thanks to secure development separate from the specifics of different hardware platforms (Raspberry Pi, Wago, Linux, Windows).

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How we proceeded in development

A standard part of the preliminary work on any project that we implement is a detailed initial study. We analysed the client assignment and the target groups of users. Based on the results of the analysis and our many years of experience with UX (user behavior online), we commented on the graphic design of the website provided by the client.

As part of the initial analysis, we described three basic goals of the website:

  • motivate users to download the Idekit project based on the selected HW platform
  • offer technical support to the user in an easy way
  • ensure easy orientation in the extensive documentation of the Idekit project

We implemented the business process that takes place on the website in two steps so that it motivates users as much as possible to download the project or to contact the sales department. The user first chooses the HW platform and then can download the project in several versions (including a free version) or contact the sales department.

Technically, the website is built so that it can be administered by the client using intuitive administration, thereby saving time and other costs of administering the website.

Idekit project website:

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