SEO - search engine optimization

Or optimizing the site for organic search. We will help you to properly optimize your website for search engines so that you get relevant visits from organic search and you save money on paid ads.
SEO optimisation
SEO optimisation
What we offer
SEO audit
Want to see how your website is doing right now? We will arrange a professional SEO audit for you.
  • We will check the indexing of the site in searches, landing pages, url addresses, and so on.
  • We will check on-page and off-page factors.
  • We will review the speed at which the website loads.
  • We will analyse data from Analytics, keywords, what the competition is up to, etc.
SEO optimisation
We will prepare proposals for specific changes in order to increase the relevant traffic on your site/e-shop, and in doing so increase conversion. SEO allows you to save money on PPC advertising because users will come to you directly from searching.
  • We will prepare keyword analysis.
  • We will propose the right website structure and then work all landing pages into it.
  • Based on our analysis of keywords, we will optimise content and set all important on-page factors (title, meta description).
  • We will set meaningful internal linking.
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