Usability testing will improve your website performance

Don’t overlook the errors and imperfections of your website that only your real users can identify. Usability testing helps you improve your website and optimize your conversion path to meet your customers’ needs.
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
Tvorba profesionálních B2B e–shopů
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What is usability testing?

E‑shopů a webových prezentací je na internetu velké množství. Aby uživatel zůstal právě u vás, musí být zážitek uživatele z webu co nejpříjemnější. Procházení webu musí být intuitivní a jednoduché, aby návštěvník musel co nejméně přemýšlet a dokázal se pohodlně orientovat ve struktuře webu.

Usability testing is a method that allows you to look at your website through the eyes of your customers and get a different perspective than yours. Usability testing helps you find errors that cause real users to get lost on your site, not complete an order, or not be able to find the information they’re looking for.

With usability testing, you optimize the user’s conversion path, answer potential questions and eliminate any customer concerns. Such optimization will have a positive effect on the conversion rate of your website or e‑shop.

What are the benefits of usability testing?

  • You will identify UX and website usability issues
  • You will find out if navigation and orientation on your website is intuitive
  • You will discover what has a negative effect on customers and what they react to positively
  • You will check the intelligibility of your texts and call-to-action elements
  • You will increase the conversion rate and, subsequently, the profit from the website or e‑shop

Testing process

We primarily perform qualitative testing, which more accurately answers questions such as “Why?”. This is in contrast to the outputs of common statistics such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc. These tools can often detect problems, but are not able to provide a satisfactory interpretation of why the problem arises.

In testing websites, we use the in-depth interview method, in which we monitor the user’s movement around the website to a predetermined goal.

  • 1. We determine the area and goal of the research and the associated specific tasks for testers
  • 2. We select testers from the relevant target groups
  • 3. We perform the testing itself, during which we carefully record the reactions and comments of the testers.
  • 4. We evaluate the testing and prepare comprehensible conclusions and specific recommendations to modify the website or create a new one.
Don’t force the user to think about how to order or where to find additional information.
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